Sevilla over Leicester dominated for a long time, despite only winning 2:1

Improved performance after a timid first half brought the English champion Leicester hope through domestic retaliation. After seventy minutes while Sevilla have favored match completely in their hands and deservedly led by two goals, but the subsequent goal Jamie Vardyho seventeen minutes before the end may still return match really advancing shuffle the cards.

Introduction The match was exactly as expected emblem clear dominance of the home, while Leicester on the lawn rather sought. The first chance of Seville and came purely due to poor communication between Christian Fuchs with Kasper Schmeichel, whose Austrian defense sent a small head home when he ran the Danish goalkeeper to the ball. At the last moment, however, still Schmeichel managed to reach glove into countermovement, and still hide the ball in his arms.

In the thirteenth minute a feeble defense Foxes hid for more trouble when Morgan clumsy got knocked Correa and Sevilla got a penalty. This time, however Kasper Schmeichel has passed since captured the correct side of the laxness on the part and blow faulovaného Correa managed to snare.

If in that moment Foxes thought they had escaped the gravedigger shovel, they were soon on an error. Sevilla have escalated the already visible superiority in the twenty fifth minute and scored a deserved breakthrough score. The lucky scorer became Pablo Sarabia, who at the back post ideally timed for the perfect kick start Escudero and drove the ball head like a nail exactly Schmeichelově right goalpost. Even after the profit guidance Sevilla lost appetite to attack and continue to Leicester with more than 75% Possession or not let go for half of the pitch. The half-time score of 1: 0 and the guests were more merciful and Claudio Ranieri was definitely a break to do to the performance of his team managed to raise.

Foxes really after changing sides worked better experience and merit Ndidiho scored the first shooting attempt at the goal, but in the fiftieth minute were again close to the home goal. Strikethrough great pass Nasri found nabíhajícího Vitola, who from a sharp angle Schmeichel tried to focus early on the front of the bar, on which the ball bounced off and sped along the goal line.

Just when the game seemed to turn the clock that guests are finally beginning to be Andalusanům equal competitor, they conceded a second time. The counterattack Seville thanks to the good work already Jovetic got deep in the penalty area Joaquin Correa to end a violent blow under the crossbar fully atoned unpromoted penalty of the first half.

Even with dvoubrankovým Manko, however Foxes have not passed weapons and excellent events on the left side scored a valuable goal scored by opponents on the pitch. Shooting broke suffering after more than twelve hours of actual time Jamie Vardy, but has a major share of its TREFA Danny Drinkwater, who after narážečce Gray prepared the English forwards perfect firing position in front of the goal completely exposed.

Vardyho shot was a clear incentive for Seville to have at the end of the game, try to increase the meager lead, which had two minutes before the end far Adil Rami, whose header after a corner kick was over the bar. Leicester so from the south of Spain dares to defeat 2: 1, so he dreamed in retaliation to advance to the quarterfinals will suffice meager victory 1: 0th