Anime, mime, iron will. What is the queen skaters?

When the figure skating season has just begun, resolutely said, "I do not want to be just a one year wonder."

She thought in mind the compatriots Lipnicki, Sotnikovovou and Tuktamyševovou that in previous years glowed, reached up to the European, world or even the Olympic title - and then went out again quickly, either because of injury or overweight because the teen years continues to sudden fame.

No, this I will not, you umanula Yevgeniya Medvedeva.

Last year, she won absolutely everything you could.

And this year she did it again. Amazement after his free skate at the World Championships in Helsinki reacted when she saw the body.

154.40 for free skating - a world record.A total of 233.41 - a world record.

humbled own highs. As the first skater ever surpassed 230 points.

Even Canadian Gabrielle Dalemanová just be getting ready for their own ride, she could not and started to mark Russian opponents on the ice spontaneously applauded.

Dalemanová and other Canadian skater Osmondová then skated for a bronze and silver, while Medvedeva had sent a text message from one cell phone to another.

Although the two rivals demonstrated their life journey, a young Russian won the championship by 15.28 points.

The next year should be in Pyeongchang County is one of the biggest stars of the Olympic Games.Skating race women include Russia, the United States and Canada always nesledovanějším competitions Winter Games, of South Korea, crazed by the recent triumphs of its star Kim Yuna, not to mention.

What, then, is this seventeen year old teenager is still little children's appearance?

measures 157 centimeters and weighs 41 kilograms. "The year of the mineral," he says.

She loves anime, music genre K-pop and his bulldog.

I was also in black. Each day also works with mirrors on facial expressions, pantomime and acting abilities. Have liked to apply to its sessions.As in this free, on which she played the soundtrack of the movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

"I experience little lives in their programs. It has a free ride is a dramatic story that I carry in my heart, "she says.

The ice tells the story of a boy who a terrorist attack September 11, 2001 he lost his father. "In the morning I say hello and I loved person well tuned, because I expect to return in the evening.But during the day, then you will understand what happened, and that he's a person will never see again. "

On Instagram your Medvedeva placed the photo as muses with my eyes closed, to which it had written:" Sometimes you have to close your eyes to seeing the world. "

He has a great imagination.At the same time it can be stubborn.

"And many times and Zhenya showed his iron will," says coach Tutberidzeová ethers, which leads her to eight years.

Already in 2012, he competed as a thirteen premiere in the Russian championship, had a bandaged hand. "She had broken her, but nobody knew it, hidden under a bandage costume." Depicts Tutberidzeová. "After driving us a bit of judges criticized the woman's left wrist movements were on the ice, just the best. Until then, we admit the truth. "

Just before the 2014 Russian championships to change broken skate. She had the choice to either resign or compete in the new, unbeaten shoes.Easily you can guess how she decided.

The year before during a training session at the American skate slipped and crashed hard into the barrier. "She finished her training and then all the jumps, did not say anything," says the coach. "Later, we had to elbow her zatejpovat and give an injection for the pain. But the race won.Only when we returned home, found her lower back fracture. "

Tutberidzeová his pupil she encourages to stand facing each call. "When things are difficult, you have to work even harder." Urges Medvedev.

The latest challenge is truly extraordinary: quad Salchow.

Who knows, maybe the Olympic ice him try .

at the games in Turin in 2006 six years Zhenya Medvedeva watched on television as the winner Jevgenij Pljuščenko.She turned to her mother, a former figure skater, she said: "I like him."

Just tried it at the rink. "I wanted to make moves like Plushenko, but nothing worked."

Twelve years later in Korea will get the chance to climb to the heights where her childhood idol when he stood in Turin.

On the stage for Olympic champion.