Hull City - Crystal Palace 3:3

She waited a typical rescue battle full of fights and technical inaccuracies, instead Hull duel with Crystal Palace offered a thrilling spectacle with six wickets vstřelenými. The final draw but will definitely happier guests, even more so when he had to bail out in the final minutes.

In the beginning they were very active guests who gained territorial advantage and worked on several occasions to shoot, but attempts by Zaha nor Puncheona way into the network found.

Really controversial moment brought the twenty-fifth minute of the game. In her return after a pass ball possession Snodgrass, who then fell over skluzujícího Danna. At first glance, a clear penalty - after all judges were of the same opinion, and also ordered a penalty kick. Repeated shots but midfielder domestic convicted of fraud, since it hosts the stopper did not touch - the verdict of Judge however, the Crystal Palace players could not do anything. The execution stood alone affected and blow into the top corner of the net gave Hennesseymu pražádnou chance. By the end of the first half already a lot of interesting things from happening, so she took home the locker rooms one-goal lead.

Would not it but Hull City, if they match any unnecessary mistakes complicate. Paradoxically, there was again Snodgrass, who this time in a corner of their own lime unnecessarily fouled thickened, making the guests donated a penalty. He took responsibility on their shoulders and Benteke penalty completely turned cold.

Twenty minutes before the end was home the whole worse. After a corner the ball came Zaha, who proháčkoval through several defenders, then delectable pumelicí at the front post prostřelil Marshall.

However, this joy wards Alan Pardew only lasted less than two minutes. Then you have missed a pass Diomande received beautifully wrapped around a bystander Dunn and past the away keeper leveled match.

Barely 15 minutes before the end of normal time in the penalty area flew home Livermore, who had to be very surprised by how much space he indulged the visitors' defense. He also took with thanks, guided the ball in the middle ground of lime and a shot at the pole closer sent Hull the lead.

And when it seemed that Mike Phelan will enjoy a much needed win, his charges has cut Bentekeho, who found sharp Zaha cross, and two minutes before the end it was again tied. In the remaining minutes we have no other unit has not created a great chance, so the match after a wild during arrive at the final draw 3: 3rd